Full Refund Promotion

Find all the rules for the full refund promotion:

Buying rules

This promotion can only be used once, is made to help people that want to try a new hobby, please be respectful and don't try to abuse the system.

This promotion is limited to 50$, if you make a 70$ order we will only refund 50$.

Review rules

The review needs a photo.

You need to show your face so we know is your first time using this promotion.

The kit or kits you bought need to be on the photo, finished like the kit photos or close, doesn't need to be perfect.

Use the same name you used in your order, or we will have a hard time finding your order.

Payment times

If you use paypal is fast you will get your money back same day or next day, if you used credit or debit card will take longer depending on the bank normally is around 1 to 2 weeks.

You will get a email once we approve your refund!

Any question you can always contact us.

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